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YoYoFactory Grind Machine

The all new Grind Machine yo-yo features a full polycarbonate body and is the first yo-yo to feature a fully functioning version of YoYoFactory’s ever famous hub stacks. With hub stacks you can literally grab the yo-yo from the sides and hold it! Or better...READ MORE

YoYoFactory Skyline

This bead-blasted YoYoFactory Skyline is the simply amazing. A combination of all sorts, this yo-yo takes the best features of other Project Red Alert yo-yos and blends them in perfect harmony. With a size similar to the 888, but with the G5’s pronounced “H-Shape,” The...READ MORE

YoYoFactory 888x

The 888 is the yo-yo with class! In terms of manufacturing it ushered in a new era of quality and precision for YoYoFactory in response for customers’ demands for absolute perfection. When you throw this yo-yo you know you are throwing an incredibly well crafted...READ MORE

YoYoFactory Yuuksta

Yuuki Spencer is likely the most naturally talented yo-yo player that has ever been. With two World titles to his name he is truly one of the best in freestyle competition. Using the 888x for his most recent world title and the Genesis for his...READ MORE

YoYoFactory Supernova

How specific can you get when trying to make the ultimate modern performance yo-yo? Just ask Tyler Severance, it took the World and National champion three tries, but the culmination of his efforts is one of the best playing yo-yos available. After his signature “Severe”...READ MORE

Yoyojam ENEME Green

YoYoJam Eneme The ENEME™ is the full metal jacketed version of the Xconvict, over-tweaked, redefined, and packed with play. It may look like a different beast, but you’ll find all the similarities of the Xconvict on your first throw, with even better grinds, slacks and...READ MORE

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