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Yoyojam Minimotu blue

Mini MoTu is mod god Dr. Mo’s second signature model. This is the second version of the middle-sized Mini Mo-Trix, hence the name Mini MoTu (two). Mini MoTu set the standard for middle sized yo-yos, even smaller than the original with intricate string tricks clearly...READ MORE

Yoyojam Micromo translucent Orange

The Micro Mo is the smallest high-performance yo-yo to come from YoYoJam! Designed with guidance from the master modder Mo Chavez this is the best pocket sized yo-yo available! A huge focus in the design of this yo-yo was to ensure no playability was sacrificed...READ MORE

Yoyojam Speeder 2

The Speeder is back and truly better then ever with a complete redesign! Signature series of multiple World Champion Hiroyuki Suzuki, this one is built to maximize speed, stability and spin. Hiroyuki Suzuki won three world titles all on the original Speeder considered to be...READ MORE

Yoyojam Dark Magic II

the Dark Magic is hands down one of the best intermediate to advanced yo-yos on the market. With its wide metal aluminum rings, extra weight, and extra width it is the perfect yo-yo for learning string tricks that require a stable and long sleeping yo-yo....READ MORE

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